PyConf Hyderabad 2019

Hyderabad December 07, 2019, December 08, 2019
Tags: Python, Data science, Machine learning, Core concepts

CFP closed at  November 07, 2019 18:29 UTC

PyConf Hyderabad is the regional gathering for the community that uses and develops the open-source Python Programming Language.

CFP Description


Guidelines for Proposal Submission

Following are the guidelines for proposal submission

  • Please mention the type of Proposal as given below in the Title of the Proposal.
  • The proposal should have an objective with clear expectation for the audience.
  • The Proposal description should be short and to the point.
  • The proposal should have proper prerequisites like environment setup, library version.
  • No proposal will be selected without a link to appropriate session content like presentation, pdf, code snippets etc.
  • Proposal content should adhere to the code of conduct.
  • Proposal content links can be updated later.
  • Proposal content shouldn’t have a company name throughout the content. Mention of the employer is allowed only at the beginning of the content (presentation/pdf).
  • Background image/wallpaper shouldn’t contain a company name/logos.
  • For any questions, please write to

Proposal Types

We have three kinds of Proposals - General Talks, Lightning Talks and Workshops. Please mention the Proposal type in the Title of the Proposal. Give a Title like a Proposal Type: Proposal Title

General Talks

These are the traditional talk sessions scheduled on the first day of the conference, i.e. Saturday, 7th Dec 2019. The length of these tracks is 30 minutes.

Lightning Talks

These are short length talks that will be conducted on the first day of the conference, i.e. Saturday, 7th Dec 2019. The time limit is 5 minutes. But we can extend it depending on the number of talks submitted.


As with the talks, we are looking for Workshops that can grow this community at any level. We aim for Workshops that will advance Python, advance this community, and shape the future. Workshop duration would be 2:30 hours and these will be conducted on the second of the conference on Sunday, 8th Dec 2019.

Themes and Topics

These will be the themes and topics

  • Core Python and Python 3 features
  • Concurrent and Asynchronous programming in Python
  • Data Science and Analysis
  • Web Development
  • Python and IoT
  • Functional Programming
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Continuous integration and Deployment
  • Testing
  • Scientific Computing
  • Cloud computing with Python

Important Dates

  • TBA


  • TBA