PyConWeb 2019

Munich - May 25, 2019, May 26, 2019
Tags: Css, Html, Javascript, Python, Python3, Asyncio, Tornado, Django, Pyramid, Flask, Plone

CFP closed at  February 18, 2019 00:02 UTC

PyConWeb 2019 is the third edition of a two-day conference focusing on the Web stack of Python, taking place on May 25-26 in Munich.

Great talks and workshops will be covering most popular frameworks and libraries, uniting the Python web community and removing framework borders. Django, Plone, Pyramid, Tornado, Turbogears and Flask – all included.

CFP Description

Everyone is very welcome to speak at PyConWeb, as a community conference we are simply looking for people willing to share the knowledge. The only requirements are experience in the topic and understandable English. No need to be a CEO or CTO ;)

The conference is focused but not limited to Python and Web development. Here are some topic ideas:

  • Web frameworks, applications, CMS

  • Related Topics & Technologies: REST, APIs, JS, HTML, CSS

  • Successful build pipelines, eg pip + npm + gulp, webpack

  • Continuous integration best practices

  • Web application containers

  • Insights into related libraries, eg parsing xml or json

  • Python best practices, applicable to web