CFP closes at  July 25, 2020 05:00 UTC

Our audience ranges from beginner to expert level attendees, so we are open to a wide variety of talk levels and subjects. We are expecting an audience of 150+ for this conference located in Fishers, IN.

There will be 3 tracks of talks: Automation/IoT, PyData, and TBD.

CFP Description

Topics vary based on track, but we are looking for talks along the lines of: * Data Science * Data Analytics * AI/Machine Learning * VR * Blockchain * IoT * Privacy & Security * Taking Excel to the Next Level with Python * Python for Sysadmin (shell scripts > Python > services) * Configuration Management/Orchestration using Salt * Scheduled Job and Ad Hoc Task Management with Salt * Python and Lambda for Serverless * Continuous Integration * Packaging: Docker * Using the requests Library for Accessing APIs * Deployment Automation * Data Management in IOT * Machine Learning and Forecasting * IOT Device Management and Deployment * YOUR TOPIC HERE

Have something and not sure if it will fit? We encourage you to submit your talk! We are seeking speakers of all experience levels and walks of life.

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