PyDelhiConf 2023

Delhi NCR, India. July 29, 2023, July 30, 2023
Tags: Python, Community, Ai, Embedded, Gpt, Crossplatform, Education, Technology

CFP closes at  June 01, 2023 23:53 UTC

PyDelhi conference is hosted annually by PyDelhi Community with an aim to promote Python programming language. We provide a single platform to users from different spheres such as students, global entrepreneurs and professionals from startups and established firms to connect and share their ideas. Experts from various domains showcase their use of Python besides discussing about the recent and upcoming trends in technology.

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[Conference Dates are subject to change. Probably will be 5-6 August Venue IIT-Delhi.]

CFP Description

PyDelhi is looking for speakers for it’s yearly conference

Important dates: CFP Ends June 01, Talk selection selection, schedule announcement should happen by July first week.

Disclaimer: Text below is adapted from euro python’s cfp page.

No matter your level of Python or public speaking experience, Our job is to help you bring yourself to our community so we all flourish and benefit from each other’s experience and contribution.

  • If you’re thinking, “but they don’t mean me”, then we especially mean YOU.
  • If you’re from a background that isn’t usually well-represented in most Python groups, get involved - we want to help you make a difference.
  • If you’re from a background which is well-represented in most Python groups, get involved - we want your help making a difference.
  • If you’re worried about not being technical enough, get involved - your fresh perspective will be invaluable.
  • This is a volunteer led community, so join us - you will be welcomed with friendship, support and compassion.
  • You are welcome to share your questions and ideas with our programme team at

All Presentations will be designated the following levels:

  • Beginner - where the audience requires little or no previous knowledge to engage with the subject matter.
  • Intermediate - some knowledge is assumed, although aspects of the talk may introduce new (more advanced) topics.
  • Advanced - the audience is full of subject matter experts… go ahead and really geek out.


  • Browse through our past conferences and talk videos @ for more ideas and to learn where there may be gaps that ought to be filled
  • To ensure our programme reflects our diverse community, submissions go through three rounds of review and refinement before the final programme is announced:

Community voting : is open to all.

This helps us judge both the uniqueness, niche-ness, popularity and interestingness of each proposal.

Panel feedback:

A diverse group of experienced reviewers refine and provide constructive feedback on submissions within their realm of expertise. This helps us to judge the balance, quality and diversity of our programme.

Programme team

These volunteers curate the final programme based upon the results of community voting and panel feedback. They also ensure we meet editorial criteria such as diversity, depth and breadth of topics and speakers.

Open Source

PyDelhi Conf aims to share knowledge, skills and experience for the benefit of all in our open source community. To this end, we encourage your contribution to be released under an open source licence, and for the tools and code needed to engage with your talk to be freely available under an open source license. Sales-oriented proposals whose main aim is to sell a product are discouraged.


PyDelhi Conference is a volunteer-run conference. All proceeds go to Association for Promotion of Free and Open-Source Technologies

  • Please leave a way for us to get in touch with you.
  • Let us know if you can attend physically on your own accord, or if you would prefer presenting online.
  • Your previous experience if any of public speaking including links to videos, presentations etc…

Get in touch.

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