PyLondinium 2019

London, UK June 15, 2019

CFP closed at  April 11, 2019 23:04 UTC

PyLondinium is a gathering opportunity for enthusiasts of the Python Language organised by PSF volunteers in the City of London. It is an event in support of the Python Core Developer Sprint, meaning that all profits are directly donated to the Python Sofware foundation to organise the event.

CFP Description

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for proposals on every aspect of Python: programming from novice to advanced levels, applications and frameworks, web, data science, machine learning, numeric computing….you name it! You can also talk about how you have been involved in introducing Python into your organization or how the Python community has helped your personal and professional development. As long as the presentation is interesting and potentially useful to the Python community, it will be considered for inclusion in the program. You may propose more than one talk, but the committee will ask you to choose only one talk if more than one of your proposals is accepted.

How much time will I have?

All the talks are standard “talks with slides”, allocated in slots of 25 minutes. Depending on your preference and scheduling constraints a Q&A session can be held at the end of the talk and included in the time slot.

What information should I include in the proposal

Please make sure to include the following content in the description:

  • What is the main topic of your talk?
  • Who is this talk targetting?
  • Why will the talk be interesting for the audience?
  • If you already have an outline in mind, please be sure to include it.

Speaker information

All information about the previous presentation, your experience on the topic, or any other information about you as a speaker can be filled out in the Additional Information section.