QtDay 2020

Firenze, IT November 16, 2020, November 21, 2020

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CFP closed at  August 30, 2020 23:30 UTC

QtDay is an international event dedicated to Qt. It is held yearly by Develer, a Qt service partner and the first Italian company to receive Qt Specialist certification for its staff.

QtDay 2020 will be the nineth edition of the conference. In 2019 we had people from more than 50 companies actively using Qt for desktop and embedded development on a daily basis. Topics covered include practical technical information on Qt and related technologies, case studies of companies that have successfully implemented and deployed Qt solutions and reports directly from the developers of Qt on the latest technical and commercial offerings.

The conference is primarily an opportunity for training staff and keeping up-to-date with the latest topics, but also a way to connect with new customers and partners. Sponsoring companies present their products to teams that develop with Qt everyday and get their name out to top developers who might just become valuable members of their team.

CFP Description


Since this year the conference will go virtual, we require our speakers to present original contents.

We will accept the following kinds of talks:

  • 40 minutes talks
  • 3 hours training sessions

The structure of the talks and trainings this year, with the online conference, has been modified to facilitate the participation and attention of all.


A talk is a 40 minutes presentation, divided into two 20 minutes parts, with a small question and answer session at the end of each part. A talk is usually given with slides or some sort of live coding. During a talk, the audience is not expected to do anything besides listening and/or taking notes.

Training Sessions

A training session is a more practical talk, where the speaker can involve the audience in a hands-on session about a topic/technology. The presenter may ask the attendees to prepare a setup (special equipment, tools, pre-installed programs, etc.) in advance. The 3-hours speeches, will be divided into 3 mini-sessions of 45 minutes to perform the practical activities and 15 minutes of Q&A to see the solution and questions. To ensure a good interaction between mentor and participants, we suggest a participation of no more than 20 people.


If your proposal is about a talk, we require the speaker to have proper audio and video equipment suitable to pre-record the talk that will be streamed during the conference. We also require the speaker to have a network connection suitable for the live Q&A session at the end of the streamed talk. If this can be a problem, please contact us to have more information. Instead, for a training session, we require the mentor to have a proper audio and video equipment, alongside a good quality network connection to carry out the 3 hours live training session.


You can submit proposals on any subject among the following topics, or propose new ones related to the Qt programming language world for subjects which are not listed.

QtDay is open to any topic that is related to the Qt programming language, but for this edition we picked out few main areas that we consider of particular interest for the conference participants. The areas are:

  • Internet of things and machine-to-machine interaction
  • Developer and designer tooling
  • Automotive industry
  • Business case studies

Here are some possible ideas for your talk:

  • Communication protocols for industrial applications
  • Qt on microcontrollers
  • Security of Qt applications
  • Infotainment / navigation software for the automotive industry
  • 3D integration in rich user interfaces
  • Developing Qt application with Python
  • Tools for designers and developers
  • Case study: pros and cons of using Qt in your product
  • Contributing to Qt: promote your Qt-related project; your experience with the Qt community

The suggested topics are only guidelines and the list isn’t exhaustive; if your proposal doesn’t fit, submit it anyway!

Proposals may be theoretical, or practical case studies. Cross-topic proposals are also welcome. Please note that our audience expects technical content, so if you plan to do a sponsored talk get in touch with us!

Besides the usual talks, we would also like to offer:

  • Training Sessions
    • Tutorials (step by step intros to something)
    • Case studies (in-depth analysis of practical experiences)

If you work in these areas, you are an expert in a particular technology, or feel you can say something interesting on one or more of the topics listed above, go ahead: propose a talk! If you’ve got a particularly interesting talk that doesn’t target one of the proposed topics, feel free to submit it anyway and we’ll be happy to consider it.

Send your proposal

In order to send the proposal, you need to fill in the online form with an abstract and the required data. Everything will be quickly reviewed by the staff and you will eventually receive feedback to ensure the best possible experience. If you are a Qt maintainer or an active contributor you can contact us directly and we may organize something cool for the conference together. Let’s make a great conference together!

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