San Francisco, CA - September 08, 2018
Tags: React, Javascript, Reactjs, Redux, React native

CFP closed at  June 20, 2018 12:06 UTC


Reactathon is a developer conference featuring the brightest minds and best speakers in the extended React.js ecosystem. This September, GitHub is hosting us at their San Francisco headquarters for a special edition of Reactathon.

CFP Description

Reactathon talks are highly technical and explore the cutting edge of developing for the extended Reactjs ecosystem. Have experience with a new React API feature? Tell us about it. Ran into issues integrating React at enterprise scale? Show us how you overcame it. Wrote a custom library to perform server-side rendering? Show us!

Acceptable topics:

React Redux RxJS React Native Webpack WebAssembly and more!

The audience is mostly IC’s - senior engineers and directors of engineering at top startups and companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Many also travel from around the country and around the world to be here.

Your talk abstract should be descriptive and also enticing. Don’t make too many assumptions about the level of knowledge of your reader. Captivate us with the reason for your talk, and tell us why you’re the best person to deliver this talk!

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