Replay 2023

Seattle, WA September 13, 2023, September 14, 2023
Tags: Devops, Best practices, Temporal, Integrations, Open source community

CFP closes at  May 21, 2023 00:13 UTC

Replay is an annual conference hosted by Temporal, dedicated to the platforms, practices and trends in backend software engineering. We bring together developers, architects, and DevOps professionals who are interested in learning more about the industry trends and deep dives. The conference provides an opportunity to hear from the community and Temporal experts alike about their experiences, best practices, and looking forward to the future of software development.

Now in our 2nd year, we are expanding the audience and the number and type of talks and tracks. We’re looking for practitioners, architects and visionaries who want to share their insight and experience.

The conference includes keynote speeches, technical talks, workshops, and hands-on sessions. The goal of the conference is to help attendees get the most out of their engineering stack, product lifecycle, learn from other users, and connect with the community.

CFP Description

Thank you for considering to speak at Replay, Temporal’s 2023 User Conference. The deadline for submitting applications is May 21st, 2023 at 23:59 UTC. You are free to apply to any part of the conference (workshops or talks). You can also apply more than once to each track, but we kindly ask all applicants to each submit no more than 4 talks in total.

The conference will have one day of workshops and two days of talks, with a mix of stages throughout the venue. September 12th through September 14th will have all the talks and there will be events surrounding. We look forward to hearing from you! We have three different talk formats this year, lightning, exploratory and workshop, exploratory talks are 45min long at most, including Q&A. This means that if you want to have 10min of Q&A, then your talk must not be longer than 35min.

Accepted speakers will receive a complimentary ticket to the main conference (i.e. workshops not included).

Call For Speakers The Temporal Replay User Conference brings together developers, architects, and DevOps professionals who use Temporal and are interested in learning more about its features and capabilities, specifically around replaying workflows for testing and debugging purposes. The conference provides an opportunity to hear from Temporal experts and other users about their experiences, best practices, and tips for using Temporal effectively. We’re looking for speakers who can help us through their insight and experience.

Some ideas: Interesting personal projects Interesting problem-solve at work Breaking Temporal in Interesting Ways DevOps Best Practices with Temporal Unique Way of using Temporal Ideas about the Temporal ecosystem Rethinking your system architecture with microservices and monoliths Temporal + {Language of choice} and why that is interesting

We are looking for talks that… Have at least three concrete takeaways that the audience will get from your talk. Share an intriguing story from your experience—, we love hearing about failure and recovery stories. Bonus: how did (or could) Temporal help with that? Consider the rest of the Open Source Community, how can this facilitate conversations in the OSS ecosystem?

Please refrain from… Giving a product pitch. Disparaging other companies, languages, or frameworks. Submitting third-party submissions.

Talks that help answer the question of how to make it more enjoyable to produce elegant solutions are more likely to be accepted.

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