Ruby Galaxy July 29, 2021
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Accepting Submissions

Announcing RubyGalaxy, an online meetup for Rubyists around the world, and if we’re lucky - the galaxy! Our meetup revolves around 4 overarching themes - Ruby for Beginners, Building Inclusive Communities, Weird Ruby, and Veterans of Ruby. We meet on the last Thursday of every month to discuss these topics with our friends on Twitch. You can see all our prior talks on YouTube.

CFP Description

We invite all talks! These tracks are more suggestions or ideas :)

Building Inclusive Communities

What makes the Ruby community so special is the diversity and uniqueness of all of our contributors. As a community that shapes the future of technology, it is important to create an empowering, inclusive, and productive space where all members can come together to collaborate. Talks in this track should center around the various challenges and solutions to building a more inclusive, welcoming, and intentional space for developers, and how we can apply those learnings to the Ruby community.

Ruby as a Start

Through innovative educational programs, there are more and more developers from nontraditional, non-STEM backgrounds. This track is meant for junior developers and bootcamp grads to share their experience with Ruby, advice on breaking into tech, and give advice to more senior engineers to help integrate developers from nontraditional backgrounds into their teams.

Weird Ruby

Ruby is a versatile language that has been used to implement the most whimsical of projects. We want to highlight the weirdest, wackiest, most obscure Ruby projects created by the community. Wow us with your out-of-this-world creativity, we can’t wait.

Looking Back

It wouldn’t be software development if there weren’t mistakes or stories to tell. This track are the stories of Ruby. We want to hear about your experience with mistakes and lessons learned.

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