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The RVA Tech Data Science Summit is a one-day conference dedicated to all things data and data science. Richmond and the greater central Virginia area have an amazing, vibrant data science and engineering community and this conference is our chance to celebrate the practitioners in our community. This event is held at one of the city’s crown event spaces, the Virginia Museum of Science’s Dewey Gottwald Center.

2022 will be the fourth year for Data Summit. Our past versions were great events with sell-out crowds of over 400 attendees. We look forward to 2022 getting back on track to previous versions of the conference!

We are anticipating plenary keynote sessions and then multiple concurrent talks in separate tracks, at roughly 45 minutes each with ~5 planned session times throughout the day. If you would like to have Q&A time, please incorporate into the 45 minute session time allotted. We are interested in any and all topics surrounding the vast data science domain. Our audience will be about 400 people with a broad range of data science and engineering exposure ranging from students to deep practitioners to leadership.


March 31, 2022 All Day Event


Science Museum of Virginia - Dewey Gottwald Center 2301 West Leigh Street Richmond, VA 23220


The RVA Data Science Summit is run by a diverse team of volunteer committee members in service of the Richmond Technology Council. Volunteers and the council share a common goal of bringing the data community together.


Everyone is encouraged to submit a proposal. Our primary goal is to have excellent sessions that inform and engage our attendees. Thus, the speaker selection committee will be favoring speakers who have a record of delivering excellent talks, but we also understand that everyone has to start somewhere. If you are a first-time speaker, please make sure your proposal is compelling and communicates why you are the right person to deliver it.

We are hoping to have speaker pool that is representative of our local developer population and showcases some regional talent, but we welcome submissions from anyone anywhere. If you have an idea for a session, please submit it!

CFP Description

As we bounce back off the pandemic is to make this a practitioner focused event. We want to provide as much learning and education as possible. The focus on this is making learning accessible and helpful … not about product showcases. Potential talks will be viewed from that perspective.

For the 2022 rvatech Data Summit, we are organizing our breakout tracks around two different themes. How to enact changes in organizations around data and how to lead and manage teams of data practitioners. Each of these is an important component of the data science life cycle, and includes technical and organizational challenges. All of the examples below are intended to get you started and keep the conference organized around a cohesive theme, but the sky is the limit!

TRACK #1: PRACTITIONERS This track focuses on the process of building models, making it understandable and actionable. Potential topics could be:

  • Algorithms (whether new or proven) to build effective models.
  • Statistical methods
  • Tooling around building models
  • Transfer Learning for NLP and Machine Vision
  • Potential topics could be:
  • Avoiding bias in both data and algorithms
  • Advanced methods for explaining models (beyond feature importances)
  • Beyond feature importances
  • Data privacy (both on the user and business side)
  • How to make work reproducible by others
  • Understanding and preventing adversarial attacks
  • Managing many different models at the same time
  • Building scalable data pipelines for data transformation and analytics
  • Utilizing cloud frameworks for delivering data science solutions
  • Mitigating Model Drift in production models
  • Data Engineering as a core enabler for Data Science

TRACK #2: HOW TO MANAGE, LEAD, AND LEVERAGE DATA IN THE ENTERPRISE Talks in this track will focus on how to effectively implement data science teams and their solutions in an enterprise. Potential topics could be:

  • Building out an effective data science team for different business areas and sizes
  • How to effectively set expectations, communicate, and educate about data science
  • Identifying key roles outside of data science to enable teams to be more effective
  • Secrets behind building models that deliver actual business value
  • Becoming a data driven organization

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