ScaleConf Colombia 2017

Medellin, Colombia
Tags: Infrastructure, Systems, Distributed, Ops, Devops, Scale

CFP closed at  February 04, 2017 18:20 UTC

CFP OFFICIALY CLOSED! This CFP closed on December 1st, 2016. It’s open for logistic reasons, but new submissions will not be considered. Stay tuned for next year’s edition at GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

Created by a team of active members of the software community in Colombia, ScaleConf Colombia is a pioneering tech conference on scalability, DevOps and modern software tools and practices in the region. Its objective is to level up the community’s knowledge by bringing great speakers from the teams all around the world that are paving the way for tomorrow’s apps and services, to be ready for a global scale.

CFP Description

We’re so glad to see you’re interested! At ScaleConf we welcome talks of any technical level: our community is composed of people coming from many backgrounds and different years of experience. We’re also a language-agnostic event, so while you may use small examples in a given language, we suggest you keep it general. That’ll make more people be interested in your talk!

If you need inspiration, you may consider talks revolving around cloud, scalability, culture (specially DevOps), distributed systems, battle stories (talking about some problem, and how you solved it), tips for beginners, among many others!

Please refrain from submitting an advertising talk, as our community is rather allergic to them. That doesn’t mean you can’t have specific tools, services or providers, but it’s better if you focus on how you use them to achieve something cool, rather than what they are.

Oh, and our submission and review process is totally anonymized, so we’ll focus on your talk’s contents exclusively :)

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