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Serverless is a buzzword that has marmite appeal.

For some, it points to the future of software development in a post-cloud world, and for others, it evokes memories of vendor marketeers playing buzzword bingo.

ServerlessDays is a community focused, single track, one-day event that moves away from the hype and focuses on the reality of serverless based solutions. It’s fostering a local community and helps all of us to learn from each other as we embrace a new way of building applications.

ServerlessDays is the evolution of JeffConf, and we are building on the success of it in 2017. We are going to host the event at C3 convention center in Vienna. This modern venue provides enough space for hundreds of people and includes breakfast, warm lunch buffet as well as coffee and drinks throughout the day.

In order to give everyone the possibility to understand our talks, the event will be held in English.

We would love to have you as a part of this event!

CFP Description

We are excited to see talks like:

  • Lessons learned from serverless technologies
  • Migration to serverless
  • Best practice for serverless technologies
  • Frameworks and how to get the most out of it
  • Difficulties and challenges when it comes to serverless (and a solution for it?)
  • Trends and outlook
  • AI / ML / big data solutions in conjunction with serverless technologies

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