ServerlessDays Auckland 2020

Auckland, NZ April 20, 2020

CFP closed at  March 02, 2020 11:00 UTC

ServerlessDays Auckland 2020 is now ServerlessDays ANZ 2020!!!

ServerlessDays Auckland is combining forces with all our Australian friends including ServerlessDays Sydney, ServerlessDays Melbourne and ServerlessDays Perth to run one massive, amazing, remote-first, multi-track event dedicated to Serverless.

We will have the best speakers from Australia, New Zealand and around the world, with tracks ranging from beginner to advanced level.

It’s free and you can attend from anywhere!

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[original CFP text] Serverless computing and applications have been exploding in popularity over the past five years. While there are many aspects to serverless, the key driver is a continued evolution of distributed cloud computing - enabling any team big or small to deliver more products and value faster without compromising on security or availability.

No longer a buzzword topic, all major cloud platforms now offer serverless capabilities alongside the community and independent vendors who have rolled out supporting technology. F5’s 2019 State of Application Services report found that 29% of cloud architects, 24% of SRE/DevOps, and 24% of executives view serverless as a strategic trend. Gartner also puts serverless computing at the top of their list of ten trends that will impact infrastructure and operations in 2019. Furthermore, market analysts are predicting dramatic growth rates for the global FaaS market, which is expected to reach a value of ~$12 billion by 2022.

ServerlessDays are a family of events around the world focused on fostering a community around serverless technologies. Each ServerlessDay is unique, organised by locals and not run for profit. ServerlessDays is a community-focused, single track, one-day event that moves away from the hype and focuses on the reality serverless based solutions. It’s about fostering a community locally and helping all of us learn from each other as we embrace a new way of building applications.

ServerlessDays Auckland is organised by the same team behind the local serverless meetup - a community of more than 1.5k local developers, architects and business stakeholder.

CFP Description

The conference will be structured in a similar format to 2018 with registration opening from 8am, an introduction & keynote, and closing approximately 6pm with a drinks reception. The emphasis and focus will be on amazing, hand-curated, high-quality talks from the local and international serverless community. While we are currently engaging with globally renowned speakers for some of the sessions (e.g. keynotes, panel), we want to put the emphasis on local talent and speakers from the serverless community here in Aotearoa.

For the 2020 event, we are looking for Adoption and Future Trends talks covering topics such as Security & Data Privacy (how to maintain protection and compliance in an increasingly distributed landscape), DevOps with serverless including tooling, monitoring, and productivity gains, Successful & unsuccessful architecture patterns as well as talks that put Serverless into perspective when it comes to Site Reliability Engineering, Multi-Cloud applications and other emerging trends in distributed and decentralised applications.

Mentoring, Review and Coaching

Have you never submitted a response to a conference CFP before? We have mentors who are happy to review your submissions and give you advice! Nervous about speaking and want someone to coach you? We have experienced speakers who are happy to assist you. Contact us to let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to help (e.g. introduce you to one of our great mentors to have a look over your project or slides or whatever you have)


  • 2019/12/03 - CFP opens
  • 2020/01/01 - Tickets go on sale
  • 2020/03/02 - CFP closes
  • 2020/03/15 - Final speaker announcement
  • 2020/04/20 - ServerlessDays Auckland

CFP Process

Inclusivity is very important to us and the CFP process is anonymized to minimize selection bias. Please be aware of this when submitting your response to not add your company name or identifying information in your talk description or subject. Otherwise, a poor sod will have to remove it before it goes to the CFP committee.

The CFP selection committee is made up of Myles Heneghan, Darshit Pandya, Sukhans Asrani, Rainer Lehr and Andreas Mueller.

ServerlessDays Auckland is a non-profit community event.