Bristol, UK February 07, 2019, February 08, 2019

CFP closed at  December 31, 2018 01:12 UTC

SimCon2 is the second edition of an event for Simwood friends and customers. Many talks will be internal and directly relevant to our customers but strictly non-sales presentations of interest to the open-source VoIP community or other technical interest are encouraged.

This is a free event but speakers will be required to pay for their own hotel accommodation. Accommodation inclusive tickets are available on the event website.

CFP Description

The audience consists almost entirely of Simwood customers and friends, along with well regarded community members who may be speakers in their own right. The topic should either be directly relevant to Simwood customers, such as the use of Simwood APIs in an interesting way, indirectly relevant to Simwood customers such as the resolution of a common problem or an industry topic, or of general interest to the open-source telephony and WebRTC community. The types presentation made at Astricon, Kamailio World or CommCon are welcome although there will be far fewer slots for external speakers than at this events, and only a single track. Any talk that is ‘salesy’ will be terminated - this is strictly not a sales event.

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