SolidusConf 2021

Digital November 11, 2021, November 12, 2021
Tags: Rails, Solidus, Ruby, Ecommerce

CFP closes at  September 30, 2021 09:09 UTC

Come Speak at SolidusConf 2021!

SolidusConf 2021 is a gathering of the minds in the world of eCommerce tech. Attendees backgrounds range from ruby developers to product owners to CEOs. It’s a conference built on the solid Solidus community, and aims to be an insightful, informative, and fun experience that is open to everyone.

CFP Description

Who are you looking for?

Why, dear reader, we’re looking for you!

Though this is an eCommerce tech conference, there are topics that benefit the industry as a whole, and topics that benefit humanity as a whole. We’re interested in it all. In the past, we’ve had presentations that have:

  • Refined our processes, like The Agile Fluency Model and eCommerce by Jared Norman
  • Gotten us unstuck, like Escaping the Tar Pit by Ernesto Tagwerker
  • Pushed us to be better, like Building Accessible Careers by Jen Luker
  • Inspired us to stay mindful, like Taming the Business Domain by Jason Charnes
  • Provided technical insights, like Don't Panic: The Solidus Guide to ReactJS by Sean Denny

If you have something you feel strongly about, or think would add value to the lives of the attendees, or just really want to talk about, we want to hear from you!

What kind of talk/presentation should I prepare?

Traditionally, our speaker spots are between 30-45 minutes long in the usual slides + speaker format. However, we’re open, willing, and even excited to explore other formats. If you think a workshop fits your content more, or you’d rather hold a panel, or even if you want some extra time for a pre-talk yoga routine, we’re open to it and excited to hear from you!

Speak at SolidusConf 2021!
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