Danielle Monteiro, MSc

São Paulo Area, Brazil


I am a Master in Computer Engineering (IPT-USP), post-graduate in Business Engineering (Paula Souza Center) and graduate in Data Processing (FATEC-SP). I’ve been working with IT for over 15 years, initially as a developer, then as a DBA, and currently as a Data Architect. I am DB4BEGINNERS.com blog author, collaborator of several blogs and communities. My goal is to help novice developers model and query Relational and NoSQL databases so they can create great applications, work in excellent companies with great salaries.

This year I had a lot of different events and one of the subjects that I most approached was the MongoDB, I even debuted at a MUG meetup here in São Paulo.

In my blog (DB4Beginners.com) I have been addressing the subject MongoDB for several months … from basic to advanced, in a gradual, simple and in Portuguese. These posts gave me the idea of ​​writing a book about MongoDB, also addressing the issues of governance, quality and data modeling that does not yet include in the blog.