Srikanth Uddanti

Austin, Texas Area


Name : Srikanth Uddanti Role : Senior MongoDB Database Engineer Certifications : MongoDB Dual-Certified (MongoDB Certified Database Administrator and MongoDB Certified Developer)

Few years ago, I used to design and develop datawarehouse systems for relational database systems. Developed a dimensional model with Kimball methodology for a telecom system. I heard about MongoDB from technical forums and discussion groups. I read a lot of articles on MongoDB and gone through the MongoDB university courses. I really fell in love with the a) findAndModify operation, b) text and geo-spatial indexes c)replication and sharding strategies, d)integration of WiredTiger with MongoDB. Right now, building a scalable MongoDB database environment and helping the development teams to design a schemaless document model for a financial organization. I am a Data Science enthusiast and planning to tune my career as a Data Science Professional.