Mission Impossible - Prioritizing DevOps

By Fawzy Manaa

Elevator Pitch

We all have a laundry list of things we want to do (As far as DevOps is concerned). It’s often times hard to approach ‘Where to start?’, ‘What do I do next?’, ‘Am I working on the right things?’. This talk aims to put some structure around prioritizing DevOps continuous improvement initiatives.


As individuals and organizations get tactical and start looking at specific capabilities to build and practices to embrace, the problem quickly becomes ‘How do I do all of this?’ and ‘Where do I get started?’. One aspect of this problem is how to create room for continuous improvement alongside supporting BAU, and the other is how do you prioritize and manage continuous improvement initiatives against each other. While improving something is better than not improving anything at all, it’s important to demonstrate quick wins to build momentum and get others excited about the DevOps journey. This talk explores into the various ways of prioritizing DevOps initiatives and helps answer questions like ‘Which problem should I focus on fixing?’, ‘Which capability should I build first?’, and ‘Which application team should I pick as pilot?’


No special requirements.

Through client projects, I’ve seen some organizations exert so much effort for very little benefit and others exert small amounts of effort for a great deal of benefit. I’d like to share some of this experience with others with practical tips around conducting VSMs, understanding constraints, and identifying what matters to certain individuals and teams in addition to why you might want to prioritize some work without apparent direct business benefit (e.g. for purpose maximizing learning) - Fawzy Manaa