ChatOps - Foundational Technology that many of us don't know about.... really

By Adam Shake

Elevator Pitch

Splunk, HipChat, TEAMS.. We all probably use these tools, but do we USE them? Many larger organisations don’t even know what they are capable of, and MANY organisations of any size likely have no idea the power of ChatOps to fundamentally change how they do IT. Lets talk about that!


Almost all IT organisations, even those who don’t “DevOps” are using chat software. It varies from basic IM suites, to persistent chat like Slack. And as more and more places move to using the big persistent tools, the more people are now poised to do something great! These tools, their possibilities, and their technologies combine into a concept called ChatOps, and its a powerful one! Combining Persistent Chat with AI, Machine Learning, Chat Bots, service integrations, and even things we haven’t thought of yet all lead to an amazing possibility to transform how we work, how we code, how we engineer!

Coming from an older, conservative insurance company in the Midwest, the process of understanding this has been slow, but the glimmer of hope, and a passion for technology is starting to lead us to better understand, use, and take advantage of this!


My “Unique” Perspective

I am not in an organization that has broadly adopted DevOps, ChatOps, Agile, SRE (enter other awesome buzzwords), but as someone who is part of the grass roots of change in the organization, I think my perspective is potentially different from those who are with more progressive organizations, but still fits with the experience that many who work at larger or order companies have. This talk would be less about diving in to the Tech, but more about conceptualizing, and evangelizing, and building excitement around what is possible, and how this kind of thing can be used to improve day to day operations, and at a minimal cost, provide huge improvements in service!