Don't Fear Change!

By Adam Shake

Elevator Pitch

Change is here, Change is coming, and change is accelerating! We need to learn to not fear change, but to embrace it, learn from it, and understand that it is a good thing! This is both from a DevOps CI/CD perspective, but also organizationally and in our jobs and life.


Every organization, IT or not, is experiencing change at a pace that is accelerating and is not going to slow down. Every point in time as the slowest pace of change we will ever see…. So we can not ignore it. I will rapidly go over why change is great, why CI/CD is great, and why we should drop our fear of change and embrace it and use it!


I’ve given this talk at a local DevOps type event for the company I work with and it was well received. I’ve made a bit part of my career about being an agent and evangelist for change, and I love to share my excitement for this!