Bishoy Magdy George



  • Bachelor degree from Faculty of science Alexandria University Major : Computer Science , Minor : Statistics.

  • Postgraduate Diploma from Information Technology Institute Professional Training Program “9-Month Postgraduate Diploma” is one of the recognized and certified training programs in Information and Communication Technologies’ sector. Over a quarter-century, the program accepted the brilliant graduates from Egyptian Universities to vie their academic skills towards professional and innovative leaps in their practical life, locally, regionally, and worldwide. Various worldwide ranked universities acknowledged the full-time 9-Month Postgraduate Diploma as a 120-Credit-Hours Diploma, as it delivers wide spectrum of technical and interpersonal skills. Those universities accept the 9- Month Postgraduate Diploma as equivalent credit hours in their Master Programs.

  • DevOps Engineer at Advansys-ESC

If you don’t find my working , I will be diving or hiking