I’m an 18 years old brazilian Python developer, absolutely in love with Python language and (most important) teaching&learning! In Brazil, I work in Alura, an educational company focused on online tech courses. Teaching is my passion, that’s why I love writing (mostly about Python and infosec) and talking in conferences!

I’m constantly producing educational content about Python and security on Alura (https://alura.com.br), Alura’s blog (https://blog.alura.com.br/author/yan) and Caelum’s blog (https://blog.caelum.com.br/author/yan-orestes). These blog posts are written in brazilian portuguese, so I’m now through the process of translating them to english in my Medium page (https://medium.com/@yanorestes).

I have, at the moment, three main Python projects - all of them stored on my GitHub (https://github.com/yanorestes). The first one is rockstar-py (https://github.com/yanorestes/rockstar-py), which is a Python transpiler for the esoteric language Rockstar. The second is botblocker (https://github.com/yanorestes/botblocker), which is a script that detects which of your Twitter followers are bots and blocks them according tho user defined settings. The third is crypyto (https://github.com/yanorestes/crypyto), which is a set of criptographic tools for Python developers to use.