Evolving PM: From the sin to the Virtue

By Antonio Cobo

Talk Abstract

The PM role needs to evolve from the classical plan-driven approach to a facilitator role more focused on delivering value. In order to improve and evolve, we need to understand our mistakes, then find the virtues needed to drive our teams to accomplish successfully the company goals all together.

Talk Description

People make mistakes. People can improve. People need to be told of their mistakes. Surprisingly project managers are people too… I know… in some cases it is really hard to believe it; and then they can improve too! Shocking! I have more than 15 years working in IT, occupying different roles from software development to project management in three different countries. I’ve seen really bad project managers and some really good project managers; Yes, they DO exist! Let’s see together the common sins of Project Managers and the virtues they need to change their minds from a plan-driven project management world to an Agile world!


Even if the talk is focused on Project Managers, I think that the sins and virtues I talk about are relevant to everybody and it’s a way for the whole team to understand each other better and focus on communication. I have already performed this talk once on 18th May 2016 at OpenCredo conference day 2016 (#occonf), there were 50-60 attendants and a meetup in London with 80 attendants. Having worked in three different countries and different type and size of companies allowed me to spot patterns and common misbehaviours of project managers, I intend with this talk to fill the gap between developers and project managers.