Breaking the Business Bottleneck

By Michael Coté

Elevator Pitch

There’s only so much improvement DevOps make to IT before its hits a new bottleneck: the business. Business people don’t show up as much as we’d like to take advantage of the DevOps awesome sauce. This is a problem. Coté’s talk goes over how to solve that problem and go through the last bottleneck.


Organizations have yet to fully take advantage of the benefits of DevOps and agile product management. We can now deliver a more reliable, strategically safer, and customer-centric way to innovate. And, yet, the business managers and corporate executives outside of IT still think they’re behind and struggling to “transform.”

My theory is that the people outside of IT don’t know how to work with all the nerds, or even know that the nerds have gotten better. This talk briefly lays out this case, and then spends most of the time suggesting tactics to fix this divide.


Alternate abstract: By now, you realize that you need to change IT’s culture to benefit from DevOps, cloud, and product (not project) management. Using these three approaches to building and running software results in high performing teams and high performing businesses. But, how do your partners in the rest of the organization, like the business, finance, HR, and the C-suite, need transform? IT can transform its culture until the cows come home, but if the rest of the organization fails to change its culture, you’ll just have affixed a Formula 1 tire onto a wooden wagon.