Beyond the nonsense of digital Transformation, DevOps, and cloud native - creating better software

By Michael Coté

Talk Abstract

“Digital transformation” is an urgent concern for most, but often means nothing. To me, it means actually doing DevOps-driven, agile development to start shipping software weekly and innovating your business. But it’s hard. Using case studies, this talk catalogs current best and worst practices.

Talk Description

Organizations are desperate to improve how they create, deploy, and manage their custom written software. Either that, or they’re doing wildly well and have no competition. Most organizations are five, even ten years behind the times when it comes to how they manage their software lifecycle. This talk uses case studies to illustrate those best practices are, how organizations are changing, and how they’re failing. In doing so, you’ll get the start of a strategy and learn tactics to improve how your organization does software.


This talk is an overview of all the best practices and stories for improving software that I’ve tracked. Well, not all of them: all that fit into the allocated time. There are 30 minute, 60 minute, and even three hour versions of this talk.

There’s also a “DevOps” slant on this talk that I’ve given over the years, like this recording form DevOpsDays Kansas City 2017.