Refactoring to modules: why and how – all you need to know in an hour

By Baruch Sadogursky

Elevator Pitch

Go modules are here to stay and it’s about time to start modularizing your code. We’re here to help! In this session, you’ll learn why and how to do it by examining a production code successfully refactored to modules.


In this talk, we’ll examine the refactoring of JFrog CLI project to modules. We’ll start by introducing modules – why and how, will talk about the benefits and the downsides of using modules and the difference between modules and go-dep. Next, we’ll review the changes switching to modules require and will finish up by reviewing the real-world application, before and after.


This is a pair talk with the lead developer of the application in question. His bio is below:

Eyal Ben Moshe R&D Team Leader, JFrog

Eyal has been leading the Eco-System team at JFrog for the past 4 years. They have been developing and maintaining innovative open source projects, all under the domain of CI/CD and DevOps automation.