Claim Your Power! Take The Platform!

By Kim Crayton

Elevator Pitch

Strategies for getting underrepresented communities in tech to share their stories.


Since technology now literately touches almost everyone and it is no longer the playground of just a few, it isn’t economically prudent to build products and services that don’t reflect the needs and desires of large portions of the population. So it makes sense that conference organizers are turning their focus and effort to ensuring that program content is inclusive and diverse. The stories of the underrepresented allow business leaders, policy makers, and the larger population an opportunity to gain some perspective into the lives of individuals unlike themselves. This presentation will walk attendees through the steps of developing a sound, engaging conference talk as well as address some of the issues that keep the underrepresented from taking the stage.


In less than a year, I have taking my frustrations while learning to code and developed a meaningful platform and more people from underrepresented communities need to be encourage to share their stories. I also, lead the Women Who Code Atlanta’s speaker series, where I walk women through the process of discovering, crafting, and sharing their stories from the platform.