How I Went From Newbie to Open Source Project Owner

By Kim Crayton

Elevator Pitch

This is the story of how focusing first on building a community of individuals who care about mentoring has allowed me to turn the idea of mentor matching for people learning to code into a multi-platform open source project.


As someone new to the development community, finding your way around can be a daunting task. There are no defined paths, there’s an overwhelming amount of information to ingest, and focus is an almost impossible task. Becoming an active member of open source projects is a great way for newbies to practice their coding skills, develop meaningful community relationships, and become a part of and add value to something bigger than themselves. You only have to look around you to see that individuals thrive when they feel that they have strong relationships and belong to a community.

  1. Understanding the value of the Open Source Community as a newbie
  2. Strategies for building community offline and online
  3. Brining the community together to work on something that matters to them


In less than a year, out of my own frustrations while learning to code, has becoming a growing community of people committed to the belief that mentoring matters. The is the website, Slack group, and GitHub organization, all of which is successful only because I’ve focused on providing opportunities to building meaningful relationships.