Coding Education For All

By Kim Crayton

Elevator Pitch

A Logical Approach to Becoming Technically Literate


Long gone are the days when technology was just for the “nerds”. Today, technology touches every industry and many parts of our personal lives and this trend will only continue to grow. Moving forward, those with the ability to understand the language of technology will be better positioned to take advantage of what lies ahead yet very few non-techies understand or even recognize the shifts that are taking place. As technology continues to move forward, the non-technical continue to fall further behind. In an effort to address this issue, I propose an introduction to technology process that will make becoming technically literate an option for the masses.

Details: 1. The importance of being code literate 2. The challenges with current coding education platforms 3. Let’s start with the basics (computational thinking)


Learning Outcomes: 1. Digital Citizen - Someone who acts safely, responsibly, and respectfully online

  1. Computational Thinking
    • Decompose: break a problem down into smaller
    • Abstraction: the art of removing differences and details so that you can see how you solution might work for many different problems
    • Pattern Matching: finding similarities between things
    • Algorithm: a list of steps that follow to finish a task
  2. Program
    • An algorithm that has been coded into something that can be run by a machine
  3. Debugging
    • A process of finding out where you made the mistake in your program

We RISE Conference 2017: