Have a SPA day with Vue.js & JHipster

By Micah Silverman

Elevator Pitch

Vue.js brings MVC to the client side in a sane, organized and feature rich way.

Spring Boot is the fastest way to get a backend service up and running in Java. Together, you have an end-to-end communication channel between Vue.js and Spring Boot.


Throw Vue.js and Spring Boot in a blender to get a perfect modern app.

I start with Vue.js front-end connected to a Spring Boot back-end that can be built and deployed with maven.

Next, I bring in JHipster to automate project creation and deployment.

I’ll throw in a couple of custom components, talk about state management - from roll-your-own to vuex.

Finally, I layer in OAuth for a modern auth layer and end up with a fully functioning, distributed modern SPA.

Note: This can also be a hands-on workshop. I use IntelliJ IDEA for the talk. For the workshop, people can download the community edition. It has everything that’s needed.