Flutter: State Management with Provider

By Scott Stoll

Elevator Pitch

According to Chris Sells (Product Manager for Flutter), Provider has been named the recommended State Management solution by the Flutter team for all apps, large and small. Period, full stop. A lot of people are using other things, and need to get up to speed on this new State Management standard.


As of v1.8.2 the Flutter team strongly recommends using Provider for all state management solutions, large or small. This is straight from the horse’s mouth, Chris Sells, Program Manager for Flutter.

Interestingly enough, the Flutter team released a package called “Package Provider” three days after Remi Rousselet released his package, “Provider”. During the time each of these was developed, Remi had no idea the team was working on a solution and neither did the team know about Remi. But here’s the twist in the plot…

When the team looked at both packages, they recommended Remi’s version over their own. They so strongly recommend it that they announced to the world at Google I/O19 that Remi’s is better, and people should use it.

Come find out why.


This is an overview of Provider, including helpful material from the Codelab found at https://flutter.dev/docs/development/data-and-backend/state-mgmt/simple