My Top Transformation Tool: Simple, Quick, Powerful, Free

By Steve Pereira

Talk Abstract

This talk introduces the one tool I always return to when I need to drastically improve teams I’ve joined and led over my 20+ year career in tech. You can use it right away to understand, communicate and improve your work, team or organization - whether you’re a leader or the new recruit.

Talk Description

We all use meetings, spreadsheets, whiteboards and post-its to track and communicate - they can be great but can they rally a team, point the way and keep us focused? Can they drive real innovation and improvement? Value Stream Mapping is a technique you can use with these basic materials to save hours of weekly toil, and months of transformation efforts.

Want to boost your:
- Delivery/Data/Testing/Analytics/Logging Pipeline?
- Developer/Customer Onboarding?
- Sales Process?
- Failure Recovery?
…Anything you do more than once!
This is how it’s done by the best in the business

I’ve come to love and use Value Stream Maps after years of struggling to find time for innovation, rally buy-in and communicate ideas, issues and risks. They’ve helped me many times go from tearing my hair out (and I have the baldness to prove it!) to knowing exactly how to level up.

I structure the talk as a fun, story-based journey through my childhood bedroom, a call centre, financial firm and startup or two to share this powerful tool that gets incredible results. Attendees will get a link to all my materials and free examples to get started right away.


Thanks for reading! I’m an organizer of DevOps Days Toronto, and talk review is my least favourite task - so I appreciate it! I tried to keep it short without leaving too much out. I could run it at 60, 45 or 30 minutes and it works as an interactive workshop/tech talk as well.

I’d love your feedback if you don’t mind sharing!

It would be wonderful to have some travel assistance if budget allows and you’re interested in having a Canadian voice in the conference, since I’m an indy consultant at the moment :)

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Note: I’m not an underrepresented demographic in tech, if you’re looking to improve diversity at your conference please have a look at Women Keynoting and reach out to one of the amazing speakers there!