StatsCraft 2019

Tel-Aviv, Israel

CFP closed at  March 04, 2019 00:03 UTC

StatsCraft is a community monitoring conference based in Tel-Aviv and aims to advance monitoring knowledge and practices in the Israeli hi-tech community. The conference is organized by enthusiasts from various technical disciplines and is oriented towards Developers, Operations Engineers, SREs and SysAdmins. StatsCraft tries to balance deep technical content with conceptual talks to facilitate discussions and knowledge sharing and collaboration of conference attendees. StatsCraft 2019 will be held in May, exact date to be announced soon.

CFP Description

StatsCraft 2019’s theme is “Monitoring in the world of dynamic environments”.

We are looking for both technical and conceptual talks. Talks which focus on a specific tool or presenting a specific system are discouraged unless the tool/system exemplify some interesting and innovative concept or overcome a major technical challenge.

If you are promoting a product or tool please keep in mind vendor pitches in conference talks are strictly forbidden - please consider sponsoring the conference to get your message out there!

Suggestions for proposals

  • Monitoring data at rest
  • Monitoring and tracing serverless deployments
  • Tracing transactions across micro-services
  • Graphing container metrics when every container lives for 5m

Proposal Structure

Your proposal should be structured in the following way:

  • Abstract - no more than 150 words describing in high level what your presentation is about.
  • Presentation outline and basic timing - the outline of your presentation. We don’t expect the final version. It could look something like this:
    • 2m Introduction: Who am I and my professional background
    • 5m Problem statement: monitoring serverless application is f*cking hard
    • 15m This is how we did it at
    • 4m Summary and takeaways
  • One liner presenting you (e.g. Problem Solver at
  • Short bio: who are you and what makes you such a unique person
  • Track record: if this is not your first presentation, include links to videos of past presentations

Session types

  • Conference talk: a 25 minutes frontal talk
  • Lightning talk: a short 5 minutes frontal talk, can be with slides or freeform
  • Let’s go crazy session: See below

This year we are trying to break the boring format of conferences and are calling for so-called “let’s go crazy!” sessions. We are aiming for collaborative formats which involve as many people as possible and bring value to attendees. Examples: - Tell me something I don’t know: “people come up and tell something interesting about the area we are discussing. also include someone who is a really good googler for fact checking” - Architecture whiteboarding: “draw your architecture on a whiteboard and have your peers review it and improve on it” - Stories from the trenches: “tell us about your weirdest bugs and production mishaps” - Support groups: for tools, practices and so on.