TEDxGrandJunction - 2020

Grand Junction, CO March 07, 2020


CFP closed at  November 27, 2019 06:59 UTC

Vision. What we see and what we can’t see. Vision gives us an eye into the future and clarifies the past. It takes great vision to see past the present and to lead to places we’ve never gone before. The greatest among us can see possibilities that have never before been imagined and bring them into existence.

We are looking for presenters who can teach and inspire, who will still have people talking as they leave the theater. Do you have what it takes to take presenting to the next level? If you can deliver a really, really, really big idea in a quick, succinct and understandable presentation, we invite you to apply to speak at TEDxGrandJunction.

We are looking for talks on topics that are new, unique, uncommon and groundbreaking.

Not a speaker? That’s ok. We are also accepting submissions for performance art, slam poetry, readings, etc. If you think you have a creative outlet to present, let us know here.

From TEDx: What is a great, well-formed idea?

It can actually be one of two things:

  • Something that’s new and surprising; an idea or invention that your audience has never heard about.
  • A great basic idea (that your audience has maybe already heard) with a compelling new argument behind it that challenges beliefs and perspectives.

In other words, an idea isn’t just a story or a list of facts. A good idea takes certain evidence or observations and draws a larger conclusion.

Types of talks

When planning your session, you can keep in mind these seven different types of talks.

The big idea

The talks that make one or two very strong points, and it’s important.

The tech demo

An onstage look at some clever new invention that the speaker was a part of creating.

The performance

Music, dance, magic, puppetry, or some other performance to captivate your audience.

The artist’s statement

In these talks, artists showcase their art and explain the meaning and process behind what they create.

The “dazzle with wonder”

These talks are mainly about the amazement of science and discovery.

The small idea

These talks are not about one big, world-changing idea, but instead a very engaging take on an interesting topic.

The “issue” talk

These talks expose your audience to an issue that they may not otherwise know much about.

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CFP Description

We will be choosing topics that relate to vision and new ways of looking at the world. Some examples might be a talk about leadership, invention, science and technology. Please avoid any low hanging fruit. TEDxGrandJunction is reserved for only the biggest of ideas. While “vision” is a broad topic, we will be limiting the discussion to those talks that bring the point back to personal or collective growth and how we can make a difference locally and/or globally. I would imagine we’ll see talks about life-changing inventions and how taking the time to see things differently can bring your immediate family closer together. Vision can change the political/social/economic climate of an area, bringing people together when they otherwise would never meet or maybe even get along. We want to focus on these types of stories—where spending time to envision something good for the world around you can have a big impact, locally and globally.