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The Biggest multitrack Tech Conference of the Netherlands for all software developers. At TEQnation you can broaden your knowledge at our hands-on labs, hackathons, technical sessions, live demonstrations and workshops, which are all focused on the technology of the next era.

TEQnation 2019 will bring more than 1.000 developers and 50+ speakers from all over the world together with the help of partners like Google, Uber, ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank.

Featured topics
Applied AI & ML, Blockchain, Smart Things, Languages for the Future, Open development and the Human factor. Show your passion with like-minded people, improve your skills and have fun in an easy-going atmosphere at the TEQnation 2019.

CFP Description

Tips for submitting

A regular session timeslot has 45 minutes. Attendees typically have intermediate to advanced experience and are looking for practical content to enhance their knowledge. Most valued sessions include best practices, code samples and/or live demos. Besides regular technical sessions, we are also looking for hands-on labs proposals, interactive workshops and unconference-style sessions.

Session types

Content can be any of the following session types:

Technical session - a 45 minute presentation style session featuring technical content. Keynotes and early-bird sessions are also considered to be technical sessions.

Hands-on labs (HOL) - a 95 minute session that features self-guided lab descriptions for participants who bring their own laptop to experiment with certain technology. Typically a HOL features one or more instructors for troubleshooting.

Interactive workshop - a 45 minute workshop with interaction with the attendees. An interactive workshop is ideal to present a new product or service (even if work is in progress).

Unconference - a 45 minute facilitated, participant driven session centered around a theme or purpose. This kind of session will allow for more audience interaction led by a discussion leader.

Keynote - a 25 minute keynote for the entire audience of TEQnation.

Quickie - a short, 15 minute talk about a technical or non-technical subject.


We are accepting content in the following tracks:

Methodology & culture - software development methodologies, architecture, culture, CI/CD, DevOps

IoT & embedded - talks focusing on IoT solutions and implementations or non-connected embedded solutions

Virtual reality & augmented reality - topics on development platforms for VR & AR (Unity, Tango), educational implementation, possibilities of current hardware and content creation

AI & machine learning - all cool stuff related to intelligent machines leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence. Understanding human speech, beating humans in games like Go and self-driving cars are just some examples

New & cool - Popular new technology and/or remarkable application of technology in the real world

Cloud & serverless - sessions demonstrating the power of the cloud focusing on cloud environments (AWS, Google cloud, Azure, etc), cloud native development and serverless

Open Source - everything about Open Source software, OSS communities and business models for Open Source

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