CFP closed at  August 15, 2023 23:59 UTC

Come and speak at the 10th annual ThunderPlains!

ThunderPlains is a web developer conference that focuses on JavaScript and related tech that make the web interesting. We will have around 250-300 attendees.

We take good care of our speakers. Techlahoma pays for all speaker travel (flight, hotel, Lyft/Uber/taxi, etc.). You will get into the conference free and get a free shirt. We also have a speaker+volunteer dinner the night before the conference so you can meet other speakers and volunteers.

ThunderPlains is organized and backed by Techlahoma – a volunteer-run 501(c)3 non-profit. Techlahoma is dedicated to advancing Oklahomans through accessible tech training and community building.

CFP Description

ThunderPlains is a developer-focused conference. Our audience is mostly JavaScript and front-end developers and related jobs. We are seeking speakers to discuss any of the below items or anything related to JavaScript and Web/App Development JavaScript (Browser, Mobile Apps, and Node.js) Front-End Developers and Designers (HTML/CSS, etc.) Developers from all backgrounds interested in JavaScript Business/Startup Owners Project Managers

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