UXinsight 2020 - Creativity in Research

Chassé Theater, Breda, The Netherlands April 06, 2020, April 07, 2020

Tags: #method, #theory, #case, #how to, #discussion

CFP closed at  October 31, 2019 18:11 UTC

UXinsight is an international event for UX research professionals and anyone interested in UX research.

This years’ theme focusses on the creative part of UX research. UX research is a field born in academia, but most UX researchers work in the creative field functioning as a bridge between technology and people. In our increasingly fast and agile working environments we need to be even more creative to deliver solid research.

Let’s celebrate creativity together!

CFP Description

We expect to welcome over 400 UX/Design Researchers, Designers, UX Leads, and Conversion Specialists from all over the world. Our past visitors have come from consultancies, agencies, e-commerce, start-ups, multi-national corporations, small and medium businesses, government, and universities.

As our attendees come from a wide range of experience levels, we are most interested in talks which are intended for experienced user researchers (5+ years).

This year’s theme focusses on the creative part of UX research. We would like to hear stories of UX researchers who have tried new things. Researchers who did something different and would like to share what they learned from that. Here’s a suggested list of topics (but please be creative and suggest your own ;-)).

Research management:

  • Challenges in working together with other disciplines;
  • The role of researchers in empowering creatives;
  • How to be agile and effective at the same time;
  • Work with limited budget and/or resources;
  • Creative ways of knowledge sharing.


  • Talks on new research methods;
  • Examples of using mixed-methods;
  • How to deal with difficult to reach target groups;
  • Being creative in recruitment.


  • What makes a good analysis;
  • Research as a craft;
  • What is the role of intuition in research;
  • Examples of (lack of) validity and reliability in practice.

Presentation of results:

  • Examples of new forms of output (e.g. presentation, visualisation);
  • How to share results with impact.

Attendees (3)