Web3 KC Conference

Kansas City, MO November 17, 2022, November 18, 2022

Tags: Metaverse, Nft, Crypto, Blockchain

CFP closed at  September 16, 2022 21:30 UTC

A regional conference introducing the principles of blockchain and web3 to the Kansas City community with an educational and collaborative atmosphere.

Kansas City is home to a vibrant start-up and technology community with a growing interest in the business applications and principles of web3 and blockchain. Presently, cryptocurrency and blockchain events are thriving in places like Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, D.C. and Austin, leaving the Midwest a desert. We aim to change that.

Web3KC is a not-for-profit educational conference seeking to cultivate regional and industry thought leaders delivering their visions, goals, and applications for how web3, blockchain, and metaverse concepts will transform not only our professional but personal lives.

As a sponsor for our inaugural event, you’re invited to help us connect and educate our WEB3KC community with your industry insights. We are presenting a two-day conference event November 17-18, 2022 at the Music Theater Heritage in Crown Center in Downtown KCMO offering the following - and MORE:

  • Speaking opportunities, both keynotes and panel participation
  • Booth presentations
  • Activation Rooms - perfect for onboarding attendees to your company’s tools and services
  • Networking events and NFT Gallery

We would be honored to have your participation and support in hosting and sponsoring our inaugural event. Please connect here to schedule a call and learn more about our sponsorship opportunities. We look forward to working with you.

CFP Description

To give you some ideas of the types of presentations we are seeking, look over our notes of the discussion areas we would like to see covered.

What is web3 and its main components? The advantages of a decentralized network for a business.

  • What is Metaverse
  • What are NFTs/Crypto
  • What are DAO
  • What is Dapps
  • How Blockchain/distributed ledgers puts them together

Metaverse - cybersecurity, phishing, scams and how to protect your business and your consumers

  • Businesses – how to protect your identity and your consumer info.
  • Consumers – how to protect your digital identity and your Avatars.
  • what are some of the common scams for business and for consumers. ** smart contract validation? How does this become understandable by normies

Metaverse – legal

  • What terms should you have in place to make your consumers and your investors feel safe? ** Would GDPR, HIPAA, or any other regulation play?
  • Considering the government still hasn’t provided any roadmaps yet, what regulatory issues a business should be prepared for, in the future when such a roadmap comes in so businesses won’t have to suffer.

Metaverse – developing your own metaverse or integrating with various metas out there?

  • Since metaverse still isn’t defined yet, how do you go about starting a business in metaverse today to build on for tomorrow? Do you start off with AR/VR/ or a combination?
  • Can you create a bridge link that can connects between various metaverse since each company is developing their own and your link can provide a customer to seamlessly move from one link to another.
  • What kinds of open standards may emerge here? Do they already exist?

Payment structure in metaverse - if you are purchasing in the meta, how do you pay and what you should be aware of?

  • If you pay with a crypto, how do you secure your wallet? off meta payment vs. on meta.
  • for the companies - what do you put in place to make sure that the customer info is secure.
  • PCI companies play here.

Role of employees in the metaverse - what type of employees do you need to run a metaverse business?

  • Are the front facing employees different in meta than they are in a brick and mortar store?

Non-Fungible Tokens

  • What is an NFT and how does someone create one?
  • Legal implications of NFTs? - What are your legal recourses. - How do you set up smart contract? - How do you execute smart contract? - What should you put in the smart contract and what legal aspects you need to worry about.

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