Weirdly Mapping 2022

Online April 01, 2022

CFP closes at  March 01, 2022 22:18 UTC


In 2020, adoption of Wardley Mapping exploded, leaving early practitioners with the task to prepare for the seemingly inevitable future of the practice… the watered-down, consultant-pushed, magical-thinking version of what might once have been a great thing. To prepare for and perhaps avert that future, this conference came into being — a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to KEEP WARDLEY MAPPING WEIRD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a joke?
A: The event might not be serious, but we sure are.

Q: What happens if I submit a talk?
A: You will increase the probability that this event will happen. The organizers may also invite you to give that talk elsewhere.

Q: Where will the event be held?
A: The movement is global, so holding it online seems like a good idea.

CFP Description

Submit your talk ideas about the weird ways we ought to be using Wardley Mapping techniques to create better futures.

We want submissions that are:

  • STRANGE ways of using the method
  • PLAYFULLY DISTURBING stories of adoption gone wrong (or right?)
  • DELIGHTFUL ideas that stretch our brains and touch our souls

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