Women in Agile Europe 2021 - Imagine all the people...

online/Berlin November 19, 2021


CFP closed at  July 31, 2021 18:31 UTC

Women in Agile Europe 2021 is the third Women in Agile conference organized in Europe. This conference will be online (and we hope also in Berlin) on November 19, 2021.

We strive to have a gathering which is safe for all genders to network, meet your future colleagues, share knowledge and show your awesomeness. This is a passion charged event, where personal safety is a core element.

This conference is about inclusiveness, everyone is welcome to join us in the audience. We are celebrating “Women in Agile”, why don’t you join us in our celebration? If you feel left out, let us know, together we can find a way to make you feel included. On the speaker side, we are only taking papers by women into consideration for our conference. This is not meant to be sexist or exclusive, but to create balance amongst Agile conferences and reserve the spotlight for our women colleagues.

This is a non profit conference. Although this is a non-profit event we ask participants for a small fee for a day with lots of fun, knowledge, networking and practice. We will pay all our speakers (a small amount) , we do not pay fees, hotel costs or travel costs. Selected (CFP) speakers and volunteers earn free access to this event. Any money that is left after the conference will be used to organize next year’s conference in Europe.

CFP Description

Imagine our way forward. On men’s day, November 19th 2021, we are celebrating our third Women in Agile Europe conference ;-) In our call for papers we are looking for two main categories of submissions: IMAGINATION and PEOPLE. Imagine our future of working in an environment where no Women in Agile conference is needed anymore. Imagine a future where diversity and equality are so ingrained in our cultures, that we don’t have to talk about this anymore.

We are looking for talks that

  • show visions of an equal future

  • show examples of diverse work places

  • lead us to a perfect world

  • create culture backlogs and sprint backlogs for our audience

  • sing some songs, read some poems (poetry slams, too)

  • tell us about places where inclusion is the truth

  • tell us about places, where people can be people

For the conference we invite both experienced and inexperienced speakers. If you feel that you have a story to tell, to inspire other women in agile, but are not sure you are ballsy enough to share it on stage, please give it a try. Here is some helpful advice. https://womeninagile.org/advice-for-aspiring-speakers/

We offer mentoring / coaching for those willing to share their stories, in order for you to shine on stage. We’ll share details on how to later.

Each speaker can propose a maximum of two sessions. Sessions are in English.

When we receive many proposals we may reduce the number of longer session slots to accommodate more speakers. (You could enter you proposal twice, with different session lengths)

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