Utah Go Meetups

Utah November 01, 2020

Tags: Golang, Technology

Accepting Submissions

Join us on Slack (http://bit.ly/forgeutahinvite)!

We strive to help all people learn about the Go programming language. We look for technical talks about how you or your company is using to to revolutionize your workflow.

Find us in twitter: @foregutah

Contact: meetups@theforge.tech

CFP Description

We’re always on the lookout for talk proposals for the monthly meeting. We accept both full-length (30-45 min) talks and lightning (10-15 min) talks. You don’t need to be super experienced at Go or at giving talks. We’re a supportive community and strive to be welcoming to all skill levels. Our organizers are willing to help mentor new speakers, including with slide preparation, talk practices, and answering questions about speaking.

This meetup is taking place virtually until further notice.

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