Agent Conf 2018

Dornbirn, Austria
Tags: React.js, Node.js, Devops, Api, Javascript

CFP closed at  October 20, 2017 23:59 UTC

AgentConf 2018

AgentConf 2018 is an event which brings together engineers and tech leaders from around the globe to share best practices, and develop strategies to deliver the most innovative, high-performance web and mobile experiences. Video from AgentConf17


January 25-28, 2018


  • 2 Days of talks at Spielboden Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, Austria
  • 2 Days of skiing in Lech, Vorarlberg, Austria


Agent Conf covers software engineering topics related to Javascript like SPA Frameworks and Server Tools like ReactJS, ReactNative, Node and the like. We’re looking forward to seeing all your proposals!

While there are no official restrictions on the talk topics, some of the high-level categories that we are particularly interested in seeing include:

  • Innovations in JS SPA Frameworks, Integrations and Use Cases
  • High Performance JS webserver designs
  • Innovative architecture of modern Web Applications
  • Delivering Mobile Experiences
  • DevOps workflows, tools, and integrations

Conference Structure

Keynote: 35 Minutes + 10 Minutes Q&A

Can be about any topic both technical and non-technical. This is your chance to shine on the big stage.

Talk: 35 Minutes + 10 Minutes Q&A

Should have a clear relation to Software Engineering, to innovative frameworks The topic can be anything, from language features to home-Automation or experience reports.

CFP Description

Your proposal should include:

  • Title: Make it catchy, you want to grab people’s attention.
  • Abstract: A high-level overview of what your talk is about, and what attendees can expect to learn.
  • Tags: Please add tags that identify key categories and technologies related to your talk (ex: DevOps, Node.JS, APIs, etc.)

Speakers receive

If your session is selected for inclusion in our program, you get:

  • Complimentary conference pass, allowing attendance into all events thursday and friday, Jan 25-26 and skiing from 27-28
  • Two complimentary nights at a Hotel in Dornbirn
  • Two complimentary nights at a Hostel in Lech
  • Skiing Ticket in Lech for 2 Days
  • Access to the post-event session recording (video) for promoting your talk
  • Listing in the Speakers section of the AgentConf website
  • Promotion as a subject matter expert via the Agent social channels and website pre-event, onsite, and post-event
  • The respect and adulation of your peers

We cannot pay the travel costs.

Speaker commitment

  • Up to four pre-event check-ins to ensure a well-planned and on-point experience for session attendees
  • Arrival at Edge no later than the day prior to your scheduled engagement to ensure an on-time start (exceptions for local speakers)
  • Consent to use your headshot image and bio for session promotion purposes on the Agent website, in Agent emails and across Agents social channels

Key Dates

  • The deadline for submissions is: October 20th, 2017.
  • We’ll let you know if your talk is accepted by October 28th, 2017.

Speaker help

We encourage inexperienced speakers and would like to help them. Please contact us if you would like some help.

  • Submit your proposal early . The program committee will provide feedback to talks in our system, and we will work with you to improve your proposal if we have issues with it, but we can only do this if your talk is in before the deadline.
  • In your abstract, be sure to include answers to some basic questions: – Who is the intended audience for your talk? (Be specific; “Web developers” is not a good answer to this question.) – What will attendees get out of your talk? When they leave the room, what will they know that they didn’t know before? – Your outline should be an enumeration of what you intend to say, along with time estimates.
  • It is not necessary to have completely written or planned your talk already, but you should have a basic idea of what the over-arching points you intend to make are, and roughly how long you will spend on each one. Ensure that your talk will be relevant to a non-trivial set of people. If your talk is on a particular JS project or piece of software, it should be something that a decent number of people use or want to use. If your talk is about a package that you are writing.
  • Include links to source code, articles, blog posts, or other writing that adds context to the presentation.
  • If you have given a talk, tutorial, or other presentation before, especially at an earlier dev conference, include that information as well as a link to slides or a video if they’re available.
  • Fill out your outline and biography completely, but concisely. The outline and background information often are used to eliminate proposals during the first cut, so incomplete details may be a cause for early rejection of a potentially great talk or tutorial. Don’t let this happen to you!

Some of the services we can offer:

  • Assistance with the construction of a proposal.
  • Providing an experienced speaker as a mentor.
  • Practice your session in front of an audience.

If you have any comment or question, please feel free to contact us The majority of the attendees will have a technical background, so we appreciate technical talks.

Code of Conduct

For any further enquiries tweet @AgentConf us, write us on facebook or contact via email

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