AI in Production

Asheville, NC July 18, 2024, July 19, 2024

CFP closed at  May 01, 2024 04:00 UTC

AI in Production is a two-day, single-track conference designed for product teams and software developers tasked with building AI products, offering guidance on best practices and starting points. This community event brings together professionals to exchange ideas, learn about the latest AI practices and tools, and discuss their applications and limitations with industry leaders and peers in AI and software development. Join us to network, gain inspiration, and shape the future of AI in business and applications.

CFP Description

Thanks for considering to be a potential speaker! We are excited about our AI in Production Conference, July 18 & 19 at The Collider in Asheville, NC. We plan to bring together the best and the brightest and we asked you to consider as you’re no exception! We’d love for you to join us. It’s going to be a great conference. So please review this CFP and apply by April 30.

AI and ML have the potential to improve the metrics for virtually every aspect of business, from enhancing sales and marketing strategies to elevating customer and employee experiences, and streamlining operations. However, navigating this rapidly evolving field requires new skills and innovative approaches. Development teams may not be sure where to start or how to ensure the projects are useful and successful.

AI in Production is a two-day, single-track conference designed for product teams and software developers tasked with building AI products. Our goal is to help them with the insights and tools needed to navigate their projects successfully.

We invite you to share your knowledge and experience through presentations that are strictly informational. We’ve decided against sponsored talks and kindly ask that you avoid promoting specific products or services during your presentation. We’re aware of the need to share your livelihood and are happy to work with you to find appropriate methods.

Our focus is to enable every development team to effectively bring AI into production. Many of our attendees are starting on AI/ML projects crucial to their business and careers and they are in need of real, practical, actionable insights. We’re eager to explore and learn from hands-on use case studies, retrospectives, and experience reports that can help make a real difference.

The stage is yours to share your creativity and expertise. We’re looking forward to being impressed by the ingenuity of your proposals, which could range from strategic project prioritization and bridging the gap between business metrics and data science metrics, to up-skilling your teams and navigating other challenges such as dealing with hallucinations, errors, and bias.

While we encourage a broad spectrum of topics, we aim to maintain our focus on practical and impactful discussions. Thus, we’re less inclined towards subjects like coordinating large-scale hardware deployments, niche deployment challenges, or explorations of abstract academic improvements.

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