API the Docs Paris 2018

Paris, France April 24, 2018


CFP closed at  March 25, 2018 23:00 UTC

API The Docs Paris 2018

One-day conference about API documentation and developer portals

How do you document an API? And how do you build a good developer portal? What technologies do you use? What types of information does it need?

API the Docs is a free event for tech writers, API developers, product owners and developer evangelists who embrace documentation as a crucial aspect of a great developer experience. We believe the conference is a great opportunity to share and discuss the latest best practices, strategies and new trends relevant to API documentation.

As members of the Write the Docs community, we noticed that a lot of people kept asking for more information about API documentation and developer portals. That is why we decided to organize a series of conferences dedicated to the API docs craft, with talks about best practices, new trends, and developer experience and engagement strategies.

So while API the Docs was inspired by Write the Docs, it is a standalone operation. Initiated by Pronovix, it is an open franchise that aims to allow as much people as possible to learn about API documentation. That is why we organize our events for free, in multiple locations around the world. Want to bring an event to a city near you? Get in touch!

Our next event takes place in Paris on April 24, 2018. The venue is generously sponsored by Mozilla who are giving us their event space for the day.

Proposals can be submitted until March 18, 2018. Agenda will be announced in early April.

Previous editions in London and Amsterdam hosted talks from speakers from around the world. Don’t have a company that can sponsor your participation? Let us know, we are recruiting sponsors for a speaker diversity grant program.

Signups go fast and we have 100 tickets in total, so don’t miss out! Sign up for free via Eventbrite.

After the event, we will share recordings and summaries of the presentations that were held. The Paris conference will follow the format of the Amsterdam event.

Find us: Twitter, Facebook Check out: http://apithedocs.org/paris2018

CFP Description

API The Docs Paris 2018 - Planned topics

  • Editorial workflows & writing formats and how they can be used in API teams (Git based workflows, documentation formats like Markdown, ReStructuredText, AsciiDoc, Docbook, DITA, etc.)
  • Portal technologies (Static HTML pages vs CMSs, different solutions)
  • API portal strategy & tactics (positioning, viral loops, personas, evangelism)
  • Top portal showcases
  • Developer portal features, components, and products (SDKs, development sandboxes, API quality signals, etc.)
  • API Specification languages (Swagger, RAML, Blueprint, etc.)
  • API design and governance
  • Developer experience design, gamification, and innersourcing as tools to improve API quality behind the firewall

Want to share your knowledge or have an interesting story about the topics above? Submit your proposal for the conference in Paris!

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