API The Docs Virtual – Season 3 (2021)



CFP closed at  February 28, 2021 00:00 UTC

API The Docs Virtual is an online event series for everyone who embraces API documentation as a crucial aspect of a great developer experience.

API The Docs switched its format to virtual in April 2020 and the team intends to continue the format in 2021 as well. We’re planning to have 4 LIVE events this spring, starting in April, all focusing on state-of-the-art API documentation. More details will be announced soon.

Until then, we strongly encourage everybody who is working on / with something that would be interesting for the API documentation community to submit it, no matter what stage the project is in.

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CFP Description

What API The Docs Virtual is looking for

  • Documenting non-REST API formats (GraphQL, Kafka Streams, AsyncAPI, SOAP)
  • Developer portals at scale: change management on large & complex API documentation sets (case studies)
  • DocOps, Docs as Code, CI/CD on your developer portal (case studies)
  • Community management and developer relations in the API economy
  • API description languages & API publication solutions (use cases, trends, best practices, challenges & solutions)
  • API references with additional content (use cases, trends, best practices)
  • Business documentation on API portals & BizDevOps
  • API lifecycle and your developer portal
  • Publishing workflows for API documentation
  • UX focused API design & great developer experience design (best practices, new trends, tools)
  • API strategy & governance and how they relate to API documentation

Please keep in mind when submitting
All presentations will be recorded (by the conference tool) and published online after the conference.

First time submitting?
API The Docs Virtual events are an excellent way to get to know the API docs community, share your ideas and introduce your work that you are doing. We strongly encourage first-time speakers to submit talks!

Talk selection criteria

  • Relevance - Is the content relevant? Does it provide new and exciting takeaways?
  • Originality - Is this an original presentation and not that the speaker repeats at every conference?
  • Quality - Is the proposal engaging and well thought out?

Please note that API The Docs Virtual is unlikely to accept more than one talk from the same speaker and it definitely rejects sales or marketing pitches.

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