CFP closed at  April 15, 2023 22:00 UTC

What is API the Docs?

API The Docs is a conference series dedicated to API documentation and developer portals. The events serve technologists involved in the documentation, developer relations, marketing, and UX of API programs: members of API teams who want to create great developer experiences and ultimately, developer success.

Is this for me?

API The Docs is a knowledge sharing space for people

  • involved in documenting APIs;
  • promoting and managing the API products and program;
  • looking to grow their interface products, services, and audience;
  • supporting and working within the API ecosystem.

When is it?

In early June. The date & venue in Amsterdam will be announced soon! Visit the event page for updates.

What are the criteria for talk selection?

  • Relevance: What topic does the talk focus on? How relevant is this to API documentation and developer portals?
  • Originality: Does it introduce new ways of thinking or innovation? Novice speakers are welcome.
  • Target audience: Who would benefit from learning about this topic and how can they implement or progress on the topic?

What else do I need to know?

Talks are expected to be 20 minutes in duration, informative and providing the results of your research, development, and best practices. All participants are invited to ask questions.

First-time speakers are welcome.

API The Docs is a tech stack- and vendor neutral knowledge sharing space. Restrict any marketing of products and services to a minimum (for example: a brief mention, links for more information).

CFP Description

This year API The Docs will focus on developer success, as the key objective for API/developer programs. We are looking for submissions from a wide palette of roles, inviting you to narrate your perspective and specific challenges with ensuring developer success for an API program.

How do you contribute to developer success? What practices has your team evolved to ensure developer success?

Some ideas:

  • Have you set up a developer success team as part of your API practice? How do they use and contribute to your documentation?
  • Case studies on how to drive internal developer success with platform developer portals
  • Case studies on how to drive external developer success with interface developer portals
  • Feedback loops, metrics and web analytics for scaling developer success
  • API design and its relations to internal and external developer success: how best and most efficiently serve the various user personas
  • Business needs in your API strategy & governance and how it manifests in the documentation process
  • Developer portals at scale: shifting editorial practices and publishing workflows
  • Change management on large & complex API documentation sets
  • Social practices driving or hindering community- and developer relations in the API economy

(If you hear the term developer success for the first time and you’re not sure what we mean by it, read this intro article for a perspective.)

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