Bay Bridge Ruby Conference

Oakland, CA September 27, 2019, September 28, 2019

CFP closed at  June 12, 2019 02:06 UTC

Just as the Bay Bridge is a vital artery connecting the vibrant cities of Oakland and San Francisco, the Ruby language provides vital connections in many different software contexts. Whether it’s running a powerful web app or getting a startup going, whether it’s powering automated tests or providing a robust back-end, Ruby is at the heart of many software teams.

Bay Bridge Ruby takes place on September 27 and 28, 2019 in Oakland, California.

We are celebrating the inaugural year of Bay Bridge Ruby with the theme “Building Bridges.” Building a bridge is a physical act and also a powerful metaphor. How are we building bridges with ruby and where are those bridges taking us?

Join us for a day of workshops and a day of talks by a diverse field of tech industry experts.

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CFP Description

Bay Bridge Ruby is a Bay Area conference for people of all colors, genders and tech disciplines who enjoy using Ruby and building bridges in the Ruby software community.

We are looking for talks from a range of speakers from beginning to advanced that have a compelling story to tell about building bridges with Ruby. What might this look like? Tell us a story about: * Building bridges between front-end, back-end, web and non-web apps using ruby * Bringing people together * Writing ruby code to build literal bridges * Building safety into software with ruby

Who: If you have an idea or a story to tell, submit!!! There is no need to be a fancy, thought-leader, in fact, we ask all attendees to check their egos at the door. Do you have fun with ruby? Do you want to talk about it? Give it a go and submit!!!! Are you a first-time speaker? Are you under-represented in tech? We want to hear from you! Are you just getting started in tech and using ruby to get going? Someone needs to hear your story! Please submit!!!

What to include in your submission: Audience Take-away: 1 -2 sentences explaining what the audience learn from your talk. This does not have to be highly technical ruby details although those are super fun and encouraged too! It is ok to share an experience that people need to hear to give them some new perspective. To level-up, what will your audience be able to take back to their life/job and start doing the Monday after your talk? The main idea: What is this about in 1-2 sentences. Why is this an important/interesting/useful story? 1 - 2 sentences

Since our submission reviewers all have day jobs, we promise to look at your submission, but can’t commit to reading through more than 2 or 3 paragraphs.

All talks will be compensated at a rate of $250. Travel will be compensated based on need and conference resources. We will reach out to all accepted speakers and do as much as we can.

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