Big Data Summit KC Call for Papers

Bartle Hall , Kansas City, MO

CFP closed at  October 02, 2017 20:10 UTC

At this year’s summit, attendees will learn about the latest tools and trends that are defining the future of big data. Businesses and big data professionals will spend two days sharing their insights, knowledge and best practices in big data, data analytics and business intelligence. Attend this event in the future to learn from, and connect with, national and regional industry leaders and to apply tomorrow’s big data trends today.

CFP Description

Interested in sharing your knowledge and experience with the best and brightest in the Kansas City data community? If you have a story to tell, a compelling innovation you want to share, or some lessons learnt, then be sure to submit a paper abstract, because we would love to hear it.

The tracks below can be used as guidelines – but don’t limit yourself – surprise us!

Application Architectures with Hadoop and Spark This track focuses on architecture and solutions in the enterprise using Hadoop and Apache Spark. Hadoop and Spark have become household names in the modern data architecture for building data warehouses or integrated data platforms. Attendees will hear about use cases, best practices, lessons learnt for data ingestion, data processing and designing solutions using Haoop and Spark.

Data Science & Advanced Analytics This track focuses on leveraging Hadoop and Spark, Python, R, machine learning and other tools for predictive analytics. You will hear from leading data scientists, analysts and practitioners on examples of innovative analytics applications and systems, data visualization, statistics and machine learning.

Big Data in the Cloud This track covers the core practices and patterns for planning, deploying, loading, moving, backup/recovery, HA and managing data in a cloud or hybrid environment on popular cloud platforms including (but not limited to) AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Streaming and IoT Applications, adoption and use cases This track focuses on the collection and analysis of streaming data generated by connected and instrumented devices. As streaming data finds it’s way into enterprises, it represents a lot of opportunity, but it also storage and interoperability challenges. Attendees will hear from the experts and practitioners who are actively utilizing or have adopted IoT and streaming data.

BlockChain – Applications in the real world BlockChain technology is starting to disrupt the way of doing business in the financial services industry. However, the potential goes beyond the financial industry. This track focuses on de-mystifying Blockchain, as well as use cases and applications in the real world.

Big Data Operations, Governance and Security This track focuses on the key requirements for governance and security for protecting data throughout the enterprise. As Hadoop and streaming applications emerges as a critical foundation of a modern data application, Information security professionals and architects have had to re-think and take a fresh look at securing and managing data. Speakers will present best practices with an emphasis on tips, tricks, and war stories on how to secure your big data infrastructure.

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