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BSides Newcastle is back again for the sixth time, and they said it wouldn’t last. Actually they didn’t. Whoever they are. THOSE PEOPLE.

This time around, it’ll be a one day affair, multiple tracks, a kids’ track, some workshops, battlebots, and a lovely sponsor area, plus whatever randomness Ben manages to get through the narrowing yet watchful eyes of the organisation committee.

Talks will be recorded and put online, unless or course you prefer them not to be, and not in the kids’ track because OBVIOUSLY.

And as ever, we want your WEIRD.

We’ve got a theme, it’s Feed Me Seymour (that’s from a movie from the olden days - Little Shop of Horrors - for you sweet summer children). But in keeping with our previous events, “theme” is something of a loose term. We welcome the weird and the wonderful, the wonderfully weird, and the weirdly wonderful!

CFP Description

Topics can include, but are certainly not limited to, anything cybersecurity related that you’d like to share with others. Sweet exploit demos are cool n’all (and we LOVE a live demo), but we love providing our participants with a veritable smorgasbord of tasty treats. We offer mentors, reviewers of ideas, and helpful feedback.

First-time speaker? Great! We’d love to hear from you. There will be a rookie track. Want to talk about something non-security, THANK DEITY (or other thankful article of choice) - there will be a non-security track aptly named Side Tracked. SQUIRREL.

No idea is a bad idea, unless the Eff Bee Eye show up (in which case our “Lawyer” Scoot McLeafblower will be your last worst hope. Do not require this.).

The audience will range from kids to students to weary aged practitioners who wish they’d made better choices to people looking to break into the industry to those who are cyber-curious.

No vendor pitches please, you can do those in your own personal time. Or at big trade shows / 2am in the nightclub.

Need some help upfront? Jump over to our discord and give us a shout:

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