Boulder Ruby Meetup

Boulder, CO, USA
Tags: Ruby, Rails, Software development

Accepting Submissions

The Boulder Ruby Meetup is a monthly meetup. We have a presentation meetup in the evening of the second Wednesday of every month (there’s another meetup night, but that’s focused on coding–more details at the website). Entirely run by volunteers and sponsored by local companies, we’re a meetup with a long history (been around since 2006) and a great community.

Typical agenda (all times Mountain time):

5:30 meet for pizza and socialization 6:30 lightning talks or presentation 7:15 second presentation

We’re always looking for speakers (unfortunately, we have no funds to pay speakers or for travel, but are happy to have remote presentations).

CFP Description

Presentations are expected to either be 15-35 minutes long with questions, or a 5-10 minute lightning talk. Topics can be either anything ruby, rails or software development.

Past presentations topics include:

  • hanami
  • how to interview
  • crystal
  • rails performance tuning
  • k8s
  • building a ruby app in lambda
  • software components
  • set theory and cleaner code
  • trailblazer, a rails framework We’ve had presentations on k8s, machine learning and interviewing, for example.

The audience is a friendly group. Attendance is typically 15-40 folks depending on topic/speaker. The audience experience level varies from “I just graduated from Turing” to “I help run railsconf”.

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